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Rhea Marine

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27 Şubat 2024 - 10:42

Rhea Marine

Rhea Marine stands out as a small shipyard located in La Rochelle. The uniqueness of the firm is based on knowledge, experience, tradition and passion for maritime heritage. Rhea Marine works with skilled hands in the construction of elegant motor boats and offers products that can be personalized according to customers’ wishes.

The salient features of the company are:

Tradition: Rhea boats are inspired by the traditional aesthetic of “coureauleurs”, the typical wooden boats sailing on the French Atlantic Coast. They were also influenced by the experiences of fishermen and oyster farmers. This traditional heritage is evident in the design and aesthetics of Rhea boats.

Passion: Rhea Marine complies with traditional rules in assembly and construction techniques to offer the highest quality boats. This passion results in products characterized by vintage style and combined with modernity. Each boat is equipped with unique features such as a flaming bow and a roll, reflecting a true sense of maritime vocation.

Rhea Marine continues to offer unique and original boats by combining maritime passion and traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and design.

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