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Luke Brown Yachts

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14 Şubat 2024 - 16:02

Luke Brown Yachts

Luke Brown Yachts: The Story of a Yacht Industry Legend

Luke Brown Yachts is a brand that is considered a legendary name in the yacht industry. The company was founded by Luke Brown, who hailed from Cleveland, Ohio and dreamed of becoming a charter yacht captain in the Caribbean. However, as the trade winds brought him to Fort Lauderdale, he founded a yacht brokerage firm in 1969. Originally focusing on the marketing and sales of offshore sailing yachts and trawlers, the company has grown over time to include power and sailing yachts of all sizes.

When Luke Brown decided to retire, he sold the company to John Ake, who took early retirement in 1975. However, things were not that simple; Don Smith, a customer of the company and owner of motor yachts called SEA TIGER, which had been kept on the same slip in Bahia Mar for years, took over the company. To maintain his interest in Luke Brown Yachts, Don hired John Ake as president to manage day-to-day operations.

In 1977, Andrew Cilla, the company’s youngest broker, joined Luke Brown Yachts and acquired the company in 1978. Andrew Cilla took over as president of the company and continued to grow and develop Luke Brown Yachts. Over time, the company expanded to offices in Newport, RI, based in Southampton, England, and with representatives in Annapolis, MD.

Luke Brown Yachts has managed to maintain its profitability and financial stability even during challenging periods. The company has always managed to remain profitable and debt-free. Expecting continued success in helping boat enthusiasts realize their yachting dreams, Luke Brown Yachts has solidified its place in the industry.

To this day, Luke Brown Yachts continues to move determinedly towards its goals. The company, which was acquired by Kam Yacht Sales in 2020, has grown further to more than 25 brokers and 11 locations. All staff, including former Chairman Andrew Cilla and Jason Dunbar, will remain with the company and trading volume will double. While Luke Brown Yachts continues to maintain its leadership in the industry, it will continue to serve yachting enthusiasts in the future.

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