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14 Şubat 2024 - 13:49

Güven Yat


Güven Yacht: Reliable and Quality Solutions in Maritime

When it comes to boats, various marine vehicles that allow traveling on water come to mind. Today, most of the boats are produced from fiber. Güven Yat also attracts attention with the boats it produces from fiberglass GRP material to meet the needs of the maritime industry.

The durability and reliability of the materials used in production are the basic principles of Güven Yat. Boats produced with double walls are resistant to sea water and sunlight. It is strengthened by adding wooden reinforcements, especially at important points. In this way, Güven Yat boats stand out with both their sturdiness and durability.

The company started its activities in the maritime sector in 1973 with the production of leather cabinets and leather propellers. The company later stepped into the construction sector and started manufacturing GRP boats in 2004. Güven Yat, which first made its name in the sector with the production of speed and fishing boats, later switched to the production of sailing boats. The company, which draws attention today with the boats they produce with their own drawings, continues on its way in a way that is constantly open to innovations.

In addition to its production, Güven Yat sells marine engines of brands such as Suzuki, Honda and Lombardini and offers various boat materials and accessories to its customers. It also manufactures different products such as chemical tanks and skin stripping stands.

As a result, Güven Yat stands out as a company that aims to meet the expectations of its customers with reliable and quality solutions in the maritime sector. It continues to strengthen its position in the sector with an approach open to innovation.

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