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Proud Workmanship Made in Austria
In 2012 Frauscher opened the new shipyard in Ohlsdorf: twice the size of the old building in Moosham near Gmunden, with a surface area of 3000 m2, offering the possibility of building larger yachts and significantly increasing the number of units built per year. To Achieve This Goal, It Has Become Necessary to Significantly Increase the Number of Qualified Workers – Many Come from the Salzkammergut Region in Upper Austria, which is strongly shaped by handicrafts. However, some of them also came to us from other countries and continents.Handmade Precision with Professional Procedures
With the construction of the new shipyard, it was logistically and economically important to combine boatbuilding, sales, marketing and control in one place. As a result, processes, internal communication, the working environment and ultimately the quality of boat construction have all improved significantly. This Gives Employees More Time to Devote Themselves to Their Great Passion: Developing and Building Exceptional Boats. Continuous Improvement of Business Processes and Structures, Lean Systems, Lots of Fun at Work and Unconditional Desire for Perfection Have Turned the Company into “Emotion Engineers”.The Future Creates the Future
For over 90 years, Frauscher has been impressing customers with innovative ideas, impeccable craftsmanship and a passion for fine watches by the water in the international premium of boatbuilding. Design And Technological Developments Are A Success Factor. Internationally Respected Design Offices Together with Our Own Design and Construction Team Create an Independent, New Design Language Recognized Worldwide. Frauscher has been producing electric boats in mass production since 1955, in 2008 it built the world’s first hybrid-powered sports boat, and finally in 2009 it built the world’s first fully certified boat powered by hydrogen energy. With a Share of Approximately 40% of All Frauscher Boats Sold in the Last 5 Years, Electromobility Is Not Just a Dream for the Future, It’s a Reality.

Above the Surface
The State-of-the-Art Paint Shop Was Built Immediately Following the New Shipyard in Response to Customers Demanding More Personalization. Depending on the Boat Type and the Color You Want: Each Boat is Painted in 11 Layers, from Primer to Finish, by our Master Painter and his Team, working to the highest possible quality. Look For Yourself…

Boat Owners Want to Experience a Comfortable and Pleasant Atmosphere on Board. Whether alone or with friends, they want to have a good time without worrying. The Frauscher Team Knows This, Because That’s Exactly Why They Develop And Produce Boats.
When It Comes To Service, Refitting Or Repair, It’s Good To Know Where You Can Go For Reliable And Professional Service, Refitting Or Repair. The Frauscher Team’s Main Concern is That You Will Enjoy Your Boat for Many Years.

Frauscher Service Shipyard
Teamfoto Frauscher Bootswerft Repair Service
Repair, Service, Maintenance, Cleaning, Painting
The Repair Service Team is Headed by Veteran Production Chief Friedrich Nöhammer. Why Does the Shipyard Have Its Own Repair Service Team? “On the one hand, these individual tasks can be carried out more quickly and with focus, and on the other hand, it ensures that new boats are produced smoothly and efficiently,” says Nöhammer. And More: “because We Have Been Building Boats For Decades And We Are Very Familiar With All Kinds Of Materials And Propulsion Systems As Well As Technical Advances.” In addition to repairs due to damage, repair works such as polishing, new flooring or stainless steel fittings, and painting are also carried out in the shipyard’s own painting cabin on the hull and deck.

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