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Evo Yachts

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11 Şubat 2024 - 19:41

Evo Yachts


EVO Yachts: An Innovative Approach to Maritime

In the maritime world, the pursuit of excellence and innovation is a never-ending adventure. In this adventure, a story of transformation and progress is being written under the name EVO Yachts. EVO Yachts is a multidimensional design idea born from a magnificent collaboration between Blu Emme Yachts and Neapolitan yacht designer Valerio Rivellini.

Each EVO Yacht is not just a boat, but also a living space, an experience and a work of art. These yachts stand out with their innovative design concepts and functionality. Here is an article about the unique features of EVO Yachts and the excitement they bring to the maritime world.

Creation and Vision of EVO

The foundation of EVO Yachts was laid during the meeting between Blu Emme Yachts and Valerio Rivellini. This meeting led to the birth of a vision that would bring a new breath to the maritime world. EVO is the product of a search for extraordinary design and functionality.

EVO Yachts embraces the mission of seeking the unexpected and pushing the limits. Blu Emme Yachts’ experience and the Mercuri brothers’ entrepreneurial spirit come together to make this vision a reality.

Innovation and Excitement: The Birth of EVO

The Mercuri family set out with the desire to revolutionize the maritime world. Passion, creativity, technology and engineering research came together in the birth of EVO. Considered one of the best examples of Italian naval design, EVO Yachts broke new ground in the industry.

The success of EVO lies in the use of superior quality materials and the care inherent in Italian craftsmanship. Style and technological innovation are perfectly synthesized in every EVO Yacht.

Valerio Rivellini: Pioneer of Design

Valerio Rivellini, head of design and engineering at EVO Yachts, is a leading figure in the maritime world. Equipped with captaincy experience, Valerio transforms his maritime passion into excellent designs. Despite its young age, Valerio’s studio is among the leading companies in the industry.

Naples’ Traditional Building Tradition

EVO Yachts is based on Naples’ long shipbuilding tradition. Determined to keep this tradition alive, EVO Yachts’ craftsmen and workers take care to shape each boat to perfection. Every EVO Yacht reflects passion for sailing and the best of Italian craftsmanship.

Bringing Innovation to the Maritime World

EVO Yachts offer an innovative approach to the maritime world. With clean lines, natural light and modular spaces, each EVO Yacht adapts perfectly to its owner’s needs. Cascade command system and hydraulic systems ensure EVO Yachts are safe and convenient.

As a result, EVO Yachts are a symbol of transformation and progress in the maritime world. Under the vision of Blu Emme Yachts and the leadership of Valerio Rivellini, EVO Yachts inspires the maritime world by combining excellence and innovation. Each EVO Yacht should be considered a work of art and a dream come true for sailing enthusiasts.

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