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Elling Yachting

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11 Şubat 2024 - 19:21

Elling Yachting

Elling Yachting

Elling Yachting: Doors to Endless Adventures Are Opening

Elling Yachting started in 1997 by introducing the first Elling E3 model and has since become a world-famous brand of high-quality powerboats. Founded as the first fiberglass boat manufacturer in the Netherlands, Elling set out with the vision of building the best boat in the world.

Elling vessels are versatile motor yachts equipped with the courage of an explorer, the performance of a trawler, the comfort of a luxury motor yacht and the elegance of a blue water cruiser. For those who want to circumnavigate the world, travel the waters of the Mediterranean or cruise the inland waterways of Europe, Elling can make your dreams come true.

Elling Yachting has been delighting its customers for over 20 years with the passion and craftsmanship of its carefully selected and highly qualified staff. Additionally, it leads the way by breaking new ground in its sector. For example, he is known for daring adventures such as the trans-Atlantic cruise in 2008 with three new Elling E4s. The successful 360 degree capsize test in 2014 also made a big impact in the industry.

Now, with the launch of the Elling E6, it has made a name for itself as the best in its class and continues to impress everyone with its outstanding driving and performance characteristics.

At Elling Yachting, we continue to offer endless opportunities for passionate adventurers. Welcome to our website and we hope your visit will be a new beginning in your life.

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