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Benetti Sail Division

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09 Şubat 2024 - 22:31

Benetti Sail Division

Benetti Sail Division

Benetti Sail Division has been striving for years to build its range of motor yachts as “safe ships”. Riccardo’s ambition is to control his structures step by step, always remembering his grandfather’s past words. The new alliance between Riccardo Benetti and the globally renowned Chinese premium group SGOG brings together maritime and commercial shipping with Shanghai Jiangnan Shipyards under the brand “Benetti Sailing Division Shanghai Shipyards”, based on an intelligent vision of the future of yachting. The aim of this new Sino-Italian alliance for yachting is fused with the experience of SGOG’s major technical office, Italian Design Riccardo Benetti.

Mr. Riccardo Benetti has been involved in motoryacht construction for over 40 years. He started working in his father’s shipyard and a few years later founded the Benetti Sail Division. It started as a “division” of the larger company “Fratelli Benetti”. In 1981 the Benetti Sail Division became independent and since then Riccardo Benetti has formed the soul of this company with knowledge and experience as well as love and passion for a job. He wants to make sure that his customers have a reliable vessel that can cope with any sea conditions!

Mr. Bruce Lee is a very experienced and successful Chinese entrepreneur. As Chairman of CBH Holdings, he is involved in many deals. Riccardo Benetti and his partners Giovanni and Simone Baldi have treated yacht building in China as a “family business” since the beginning of operations.

The new company launched by Mr Lee and Mr Benetti is on its way to becoming a world-class player in the yachting world with the support of Jiangnan Shanghai Shipyard.

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